DVTel is the pioneer and dominant market player in the creation, development, and delivery of Multi-source Intelligence Systems over IP networks. Our software-based solutions create superior value for a wide range of customers by providing them a unique level of freedom to focus on what’s most important—their primary strategic and business goals.

DVTel’s innovative IP-based solutions drive better, faster business decisions by creating intelligent security solutions based on the collection of raw data from multiple sources and turning that data into actionable information. Comprehensive, timely and intelligent information empowers end users to automate and improve business decision-making processes, resulting in increased security, reduced costs, enhanced productivity, and greater profitability.

DVTel’s unified solutions leverage existing network infrastructure while providing unmatched levels of flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness—all backed by superior customer support.

iSOC® V6

Step inside the world of iSOC® V6 the only open standards, IP-based security operations center that unifies all your video, audio, data, access control, and alarm management functionality and requirements into one command and control center. The iSOC®V6 creates a common operational picture that enables you to capture, manage, analyze, integrate and then act on previously unorganized and overly complex data. This provides improved reaction time, enhanced operator productivity and reduced corporate loss. Offering a full line of software solutions and IP Cameras and Encoders, DVTel has the right mix of enterprise level products to fit every need.

Some of DVTel's products


Encoders and Decoders


  • iSOC v6

    iSOC-Intelligent Security Operations Center