FLIR was founded in 1978, originally providing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles for use in conducting energy audits. Later, we expanded our focus to other applications and markets for our technology, in particular, designing and selling stabilized thermal imaging systems for aircraft used by law enforcement.

We have since grown substantially due to increasing demand for infrared products across a growing number of markets combined with the execution of a series of acquisitions.

Today we are one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems for a wide variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and government markets, internationally as well as domestically.

Some of Flir's products


  • VSR-6

    Extremely affordable thermal imager for short range security and surveillance applications

  • D-Series

    Multi-Sensor Thermal Security Cameras In Networked, Outdoor Dome Enclosures

  • F-Series

    Network-Ready Fixed mount Cameras

  • PTZ-35MS & PTZ-50MS

    High resolution thermal imaging and daylight camera system, mounted or Pan/Tilt for security applications