Ikegami Tsushinki Ltd. Founded by Kosei Saito in the Ikegami district of Tokyo, the company began manufacturing telephone coils in 1946. Three years later, with the advent of the television industry in Japan, it introduced studio and measuring equipment for both TV and radio. Its early broadcast designs were developed in cooperation with the renowned Technical Research Laboratory of NHK (the Japan Broadcast Corporation). Soon afterward, Ikegami became the first company in Japan to use transistors in broadcast equipment.

It was already well on its way to pioneering the age of Electronics News Gathering (ENG) with the development of its first portable hand-held TV camera. This portable TV camera made its worldwide debut in the United States in May 1962, when CBS used the product to document the historic launching of the first manned space flight of Aurora 7, The demand for high quality, lightweight and reliable field cameras grew tremendously from this start, revolutionizing broadcast and video production in the process. Ten years later, Ikegami made yet another breakthrough by introducing its first color hand-held camera -the HL-33 - for broadcast use.

In view of the diversification of consumer demand, first priority must be given to adding value to our service and to meeting the needs of individual customers, and to providing the DIGITAL NETWORK technology to meet their needs most appropriately. By defining the future course to be taken as Professionals of Information Communications and Imaging, we will strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We would like you to view our proposal and action plan for implementing the latest technology.

Some of Ikegami's products


  • IPD-Q01

    Ip Network Camera

  • IPD-Q38

    IP Network PTZ Dome Camera JPEG2000

  • ICD-609

    High Resolution True Day/Night Dome Camera

  • ISD-A31

    Vandal Resistant Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Color DPS Dome Camera

  • ISD-A12

    Hyper-Dynamic, High Resolution Mini Cube Camera


  • SDR-G8000

    Digital VDO, 8 Channel Video Recorder