IT Systems Security Audit

We are living in the era of IT, and we know that it is quite impossible to imagine the modern world without mobile phones, computers and Internet. When we started our company 15 years ago, the IT and communication devices where in a modest stage of development, thus the priority of the company fell on providing manned/physical surveillance; different technical innovations where for something secondary or in uttermost cases for implemental purposes. The technical progress did not have such effect on the business industry, as it has had for the last 5-7 years. Now, every IT system backfire can bring the company severe financial losses.

Our company has always stood to protect the security of our current and potential clients, thus we have to change with the whole world and be always ready to offer a reasonably priced service required by our customers. We would like to draw special attention on securing the information and the functioning of all IT systems, as managers of all significance often fail to see the importance of securing the company’s IT systems. In companies of all size, there is always an understanding about the confidentiality of information on professional and personal communication levels, but every manager should be interested in keeping the confidential information out of reach from third parties, and thus, as a conclusion of our wish to be a modern organisation, below are listed the IT and communication related services we offer to current and new clients.

1. Inspection of professional information security, which includes an examination of the Internet connections within the local connection nets.

2. The functionality of the data medium, inspection of systems vital for organisation’s function, including the examination of the electrical system.

3. Monitoring the offices and manufacturing areas deriving from the need to protect information.

4. Setting limits of approximate financial losses deriving from damages to the IT system caused by acts of force majeure; also limiting the maximum work stand down time in relation to the complexity of the company’s IT system and considering the company’s financial possibilities.

5. Relying on the previously mentioned inspection service we also offer an additional service for solving the current problems and eliminating any deficits within the systems.

6. We are also ready to offer consultation services regarding the information security to all our clients.